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Breakfast Deansgate

Breakfast Deansgate: Start your day with a Brekkie in Deansgate with Pot Kettle Black – Angel Gardens & Barton Arcade – only 5 minutes walk away.
Searching the internet for the Perfect Breakfast in Manchester Deansgate? It’s gotta be Pot Kettle Black! We have 2 locations for you to choose from. If you are on the edge of the lively Deansgate area check out our venues at Angel Gardens and Barton Arcade.

Breakfast in Manchester Deansgate: A Blend of Local and Global Flavours

Deansgate, the vibrant heart of Manchester, is renowned for its eclectic mix of historical charm and modern vitality. It’s where culture, cuisine, and the community come together, making it the perfect place to explore Manchester’s breakfast scene. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty English breakfast, a healthy brunch, or artisan coffee, Deansgate offers a range of options to satisfy your morning cravings.

Breakfast Deansgate
Breakfast Deansgate - Dish

Why Choose PKB if your around Deansgate for Breakfast?

Deansgate’s central location makes it a convenient choice for both locals and visitors. Its easy access to public transportation, proximity to major attractions, and a wide range of dining venues make it an ideal spot for morning meet-ups, leisurely brunches, or quick bites before starting a busy day.

Pot Kettle Black – Just a stones throw from Deansgate

Incorporating Pot Kettle Black into the breakfast scene in Deansgate, it becomes a standout choice for those seeking a blend of quality, convenience, and unique culinary experience. With two locations just a short walk from Deansgate, Pot Kettle Black offers a menu inspired by global flavours, focusing on fresh, quality ingredients. It’s renowned for its specialty coffee and vibrant, welcoming atmosphere, making it a prime destination for breakfast enthusiasts. Their commitment to exceptional service and a carefully curated menu reflects the dynamic spirit of Deansgate’s culinary landscape. Click for more details on our food and locations.

Sweet Beginnings in Deansgate

For those with a sweet tooth, the Blueberry Crumble Croissant and French Toast at Barton Arcade. Each a work of art, combine textures and flavours for a sweet and satisfying breakfast.

A highlight of Pot Kettle Black’s offerings near Deansgate is the PKB Brekkie. This gourmet version of the traditional English breakfast features old English sausage, smoked bacon, poached eggs, homemade beans, alongside unique touches like rosti at Angel Gardens and black pudding at Barton Arcade. Diners can personalize their breakfast with options like avocado or vegan sausage, catering to all tastes. Pot Kettle Black embodies the essence of Deansgate’s breakfast scene, merging traditional fare with modern culinary trends for an unforgettable morning experience.

oats and coffee - Breakfast Deansgate
Breakfast and smoothie - Breakfast Deansgate

15 Reasons why people come to Manchester Deansgate for Breakfast

  1. Global Culinary Tapestry: Deansgate is a melting pot of international cuisines, showcasing Manchester’s multicultural heritage.
  2. Local Provenance: Breakfast venues around Deansgate prioritise fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, reflecting Manchester’s bountiful produce.
  3. Historic Charm: The area’s rich history provides a unique backdrop to morning meals, blending tradition with modern dining.
  4. Inclusive Dining: A wide array of vegan and vegetarian breakfast options mirrors Deansgate’s progressive ethos.
  5. Coffee Sophistication: Artisan coffee shops dot Deansgate, serving expertly crafted brews in a lively atmosphere.
  6. Canal-Side Settings: Some eateries offer tranquil breakfasts with picturesque canal views.
  7. Market Vibrancy: Proximity to bustling markets infuses Deansgate’s breakfast scene with dynamic energy.
  8. Student Deals: The area’s affordability caters to Manchester’s student demographic with a range of budget-friendly choices.
  9. Brunch Culture: Deansgate embraces the blend of breakfast and lunch, perfect for unhurried mornings.
  10. Trendsetting Venues: Its breakfast spots are at the forefront of fashion, transforming dining into a stylish experience.
  11. Wellness Focus: Health-conscious menus abound, offering nutritious starts to the day.
  12. Bakery Delights: Scattered bakeries and patisseries serve both sweet and savoury morning treats.
  13. Supporting Local: Dining here supports Deansgate’s chefs and small business owners, at the heart of its culinary scene.
  14. Cultural Melange: Breakfast offerings are a fusion of international flavours and local culinary traditions.
  15. Community Spirit: The warm, welcoming atmosphere at Deansgate’s breakfast spots fosters a sense of community and belonging.
Coffee & Water
Egg and Bacon on toast

Places in and around Deansgate, Manchester, where our regulars and new customers come from to come and get their breakfast

Did you search on google and other search engines “Breakfast Deansgate” or “Breakfast near Deansgate” to start your day with a good Brekkie? Why not call in to Pot Kettle Black. Our customers come from all over the city.

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