Benny Day Is Back!

On March 23rd, Pot Kettle Black in Angel Gardens, Manchester, hosted a delightful celebration in honour of everyone’s favourite mid-morning meal. With a selection of over 10 mouth-watering Eggs Benedict recipes, along with £5 Bloody Marys and £4 pints, the event promised a feast for the senses. Adding to the ambiance, from 11 am to 2 pm, Oli Mellin was on hand to spin some tunes and keep the vibe lively.

Pot Kettle Black Eggs Benedict Day
Pot Kettle Black Eggs Benedict Day Options

The Spread

Pot Kettle Black went all out, offering a variety of Eggs Benedict variations to tickle the taste buds. From the classic Canadian bacon and hollandaise to inventive twists featuring smoked salmon, avocado, or even crab cakes, there was something to suit every taste. Each dish showcased a perfect balance of flavours and textures, elevating the beloved breakfast staple to new heights.


To accompany the delicious Benedict options, guests could enjoy a range of drinks. For those craving a spicy kick, Bloody Marys were expertly crafted by the talented bartenders. And for those seeking something more traditional, pints were available for just £4, ensuring nobody went thirsty during the festivities.


Adding to the lively atmosphere, Oli Mellin took to the decks, spinning an eclectic mix of tunes from 11 am to 2 pm. With infectious beats filling the air, guests could enjoy their Eggs Benedict while tapping their toes and soaking in the vibrant ambiance.

Pot Kettle Black Eggs Benedict Day Entertainment


Pot Kettle Black’s Eggs Benedict Day was a delightful celebration of good food, drinks, and music, right in the heart of Angel Gardens, Manchester. From the delectable dishes to the refreshing libations and lively entertainment, the event brought people together for a memorable brunch experience. As we bid farewell to another successful Eggs Benedict Day, we eagerly anticipate future culinary adventures at Pot Kettle Black. Until then, may your hollandaise be silky smooth and your brunches filled with joy!