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Ever wondered if there is more to life?? Or if you are currently living as the best version of you? Perhaps you want to experience more moments of pure joy as well as feeling more motivated and courageous! And calmer and more resilient?!

We are proud to bring you ‘ELEVATE YOUR LIFE’ - a 6 week transformational self-development programme, brought to you by The Vibrancy Hub.

Starting September 2018, you’ll learn about these juicy topics:

- Conscious living & why it’s important

- Why mindful self care is critical

- How to cultivate a more resilient mindset

- Understanding your unique core values

- Creating a bold life plan

- Setting meaningful goals

At the end, you will have gained:

-A greater sense of your authentic self

- Stress management techniques

- Increased self-awareness

- Ways to reduce the impact of negative thinking & out-dated belief systems

- Planning hacks to take intentional action towards your goals

- An elevated sense of courage, purpose and creativity


- 4 Modules: Weds Sept 26thOct 10thOct 24thNov 7th

- Time: 6.30 - 9pm

- £350 per person

- Limited places

What next?

- To book your place please click here: www.thevibrancyhub.co.uk/events

- For more info, email katy@thevibrancyhub.co.uk - we would love to hear from you!

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