Brunch at Barton Arcade, Manchester

Enjoy all-day brunch at Pot Kettle Black, Barton Arcade, Manchester. Choose from a variety of different brunch options. Visit Pot Kettle Black at Barton Arcade for a relaxed all-day brunch. Offering a variety of choices in the heart of Manchester. For more on PKB at Barton Arcade visit (prices are correct at the time […]

Discover Manchester’s Best Sunday Lunch at Pot Kettle Black, Angel Gardens

Sunday Lunch

If a superb Sunday lunch in Manchester is what you’re after, Angel Gardens’ Pot Kettle Black is your go-to destination. Located in Manchester’s vibrant Northern Quarter, this spot is renowned for its fusion of classic Sunday roasts with a modern culinary touch. A favorite among both locals and tourists, Pot Kettle Black at Angel Gardens […]