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Breakfast Castlefield Manchester

Breakfast Manchester Castlefield: Indulge in a memorable breakfast experience at Pot Kettle Black – Angel Gardens & Barton Arcade – only 5 minutes walk away.
Searching the internet for the Perfect Breakfast in Manchester Castlefield? It’s gotta be Pot Kettle Black! We have 2 locations just a short walk away from Castlefield for you to choose from. If you are on the edge of the this lively area check out our venues at Angel Gardens and Barton Arcade.

Breakfast in Manchester Castlefield: A Blend of Local and Global Flavours

We offer at both Angel Gardens and Barton Arcade menus which feature a mix of traditional English breakfast items with unique Aussi twists. The classic Eggs Benedict at Angel Gardens is reimagined with house-cured honey mustard back bacon. The Barton Arcade’s menu offers a decadent twist with house-cured espresso and maple bacon. Vegetarian options like the Spinach & Mushroom Benedict showcase the versatility and inclusivity of their breakfast offerings.

Breakfast Manchester Castlefield - Eggs Benedict with Bacon
Breakfast Manchester Castlefield - Eggs Benedict

Innovative Breakfast Choices near Castlefield, Manchester

The Dirty Benedict at Angel Gardens is a daring choice for the adventurous eater, featuring beef brisket, smoked applewood cheddar fritters, and Sriracha hollandaise. At Barton Arcade, the Nduja Eggs with a rich tomato ragu offer a warming, spicy start to the day.

Vegan and Vegetarian Breakfast Delights in Manchester Castlefield

Acknowledging the diverse palates of visitors to Castlefield Manchester, both our nearby locations offer enticing vegan and vegetarian options. The Vegan Brekkie, with scrambled tofu and a variety of plant-based sides, is a delight for those seeking a meat-free start to the day.

Sweet Beginnings in Castlefield, Manchester

For those with a sweet tooth, the Blueberry Crumble Croissant and French Toast at Barton Arcade. Each a work of art, combine textures and flavours for a sweet and satisfying breakfast.

Breakfast Manchester Castlefield: The Classic PKB Brekkie

A staple in both locations is the PKB Brekkie – a hearty, traditional English breakfast with a gourmet touch. It includes old English sausage, streaky smoked bacon, poached eggs, homemade beans. A selection of mushrooms and rosti at Angel Gardens, and black pudding at Barton Arcade.

Mix up your Breakfast Options

Understanding the personal nature of breakfast, both locations offer add-ons, such as avocado or vegan sausage. Customers can mix up their meals to their liking. Choose what you want!

Experience Manchester Castlefield’ Breakfast Morning Glory

At Pot Kettle Black, brekkie is not just the first meal of the day; it’s an experience. Whether you’re in the mood for a filling, hearty meal or a light, nutritious start, the variety and quality of the offerings at both Angel Gardens and Barton Arcade are unmatched.

Pot Kettle Black’s Angel Gardens and Barton Arcade nearby locations perfectly capture the spirit of Manchester Castlefield breakfast scene, blending tradition with innovation. Their breakfast menus are a celebration of local flavours and global cuisine, making them the go to destinations for anyone searching for an exceptional breakfast experience in or around Castlefield in Manchester.

Breakfast Manchester Castlefield - Coffee and Brunch
Breakfast Manchester Castlefield - Eggs benedict with Scotch Egg

15 Reasons why people come to Manchester Castlefield for Breakfast

  1. Culinary Diversity in Manchester Castlefield: Manchester Castlefield has a mix of different cuisines, reflecting the city’s rich heritage right at its heart.
  2. Locally-Sourced Ingredients: Many Breakfast spots around Castlefield often use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, offering a taste of Manchester’s finest produce.
  3. Vegan and Vegetarian Options: Reflecting Manchester Castlefield’s inclusive and progressive vibe, many eateries offer an extensive range of vegan and vegetarian breakfast dishes.
  4. Coffee Culture: Castlefield coffee shops are a great for coffee enthusiasts, offering expertly brewed cups in a vibrant urban setting.
  5. Market Fresh Experiences: Close to the Castlefield area, Manchester’s busy markets offer an energetic backdrop for a diverse and lively breakfast experience.
  6. Student-Friendly Choices: The Castlefield area is situated close to Manchester’s large student population, with numerous budget-friendly breakfast options.
  7. Brunch Blend: The brunch culture in Manchester Castlefield merges breakfast and lunch, perfect for those leisurely mornings or late starts.
  8. Trendy Manchester Castlefield Breakfast Spots: Manchester Castlefield trendy and creative eateries make breakfast not just a meal, but a fashionable experience.
  9. Healthy Start: Health-conscious options abound in and around Castlefield, catering to those looking for a nutritious kick-start to their day.
  10. Bakeries and Patisseries: The area is located only a stones throw to some charming bakeries and patisseries, offering both sweet and savoury breakfast treats.
  11. Supporting Local Talent in and around Manchester Castlefield: Choosing a breakfast spot in Castlefield means supporting the local chefs and entrepreneurs who are at the heart of Manchester’s food scene.
  12. Cultural Fusion Cuisine: Reflecting Castlefield community, the breakfast offerings here are a fusion of global tastes and local traditions.
  13. Manchester Castlefield Community Atmosphere: The breakfast spots in Castlefield are known for their warm, community-oriented atmosphere. This makes every meal feel like a special occasion.
  14. Artistic Inspiration: Manchester Castlefield thrives as both a culinary hotspot and an artistic hub. Breakfast venues in the area often host live performances, creating a dynamic atmosphere while you’re enjoying your breakfast.
  15. Historic Surroundings: The Castlefield district, with its rich industrial heritage, provides a distinctive backdrop for morning dining. Many recommended eateries are located in elegantly refurbished old mills and warehouses.
Breakfast Manchester Castlefield - Coffee and Water
Breakfast Manchester Castlefield - Egg and bacon on toast

Places near Manchester Castlefield where our regulars and new customers come from to come and get their breakfast

Did you search on Google and other search engines “Breakfast Manchester Castlefield” or “Breakfast near me” to find somewhere to get your Brekkie? Why not call in to Pot Kettle Black. Our customers come from all over the city.

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