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Why do we have our own bakery? Well – we wanted to offer quality and choice that we couldn’t buy. We wanted our guests to experience bread, cakes and pastries that were as good as our coffee. So we assembled a crack team of passionate, happy bakers and let them loose…

We build on a solid foundation by starting with the best: flour from Manchester mills, butter from Normandy, pistachios from Iran, chocolate from Belgium, bakers from far and wide. And each day, we start from scratch – we make it all here. We don’t buy anything in, and we don’t put anything in unless we want it to be there.

Wild yeast and slow-fermentation techniques are at the heart of the particular character of our bread. This gives us our signature - a dark, bold bake for a pronounced flavour and crisp crust, giving way to a lacy crumb with a singular perfume. All our breads and viennoiseries are made in our bakehouse, each mixed, rolled and shaped by hand, one by one, using traditional artisanal methods. We rise early to bake the same breads, the same way, every day. You’re in safe hands.

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